Private Parties

Book Your Private party at Sunrise Rollerland. We offer times throughout the week . Weekends are usually not available to book.

Skating Parties

Schools, Churches, leagues, and Corporate parties are available at Sunrise Rollerland

Most parties are 2 hours long and discounts  are higher with larger parties



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Team Parties

Soccer Club Teams Party &

Baseball teams Parties

Church Parties

or Youth Groups

Scouts and

Girl Scouts

Theme your Party

You can have a regular skating party with lots of games or theme it. We’ve seen 70’s, 80,s Disco, and Rock and Roller parties. You might even come up with a new genius theme.

Add Food

Contact us for a quote for a cake for a special party or get a Meal Deal for everyone attending.

Music you Choose.

It’s you party, so you can choose any genre of music. If we don’t have your music bring in a thumb drive with your music or playlist. We can also do a slide show on our big screen

Private Party Rates

Afternoon Rates all sessions (starting before 2 p.m. )

60 – 199 skaters

$6.00 per person*

200 and above

$5.00 per person

Evening Guaranteed rates (starting after 2 pm.)

75-99 skaters

$7.00 per person

100-149 skaters

$6.50 per person

150-249 skaters

$6.00 per person

250 & above

$5.50 per person

* minimum contract is for 100 people

A contract and Party deposit is required to book a party

Private parties may be booked by large groups. Schools, churches, and other organizations rent the whole building for 2 hours.

  • You may now rent for longer if needed!
  • You pick the music format!
  • Make a request for our mascot to show up!
  • Does your group like Top 40 music, Kids music, country music, or Contemporary Christian music? Well, whatever your group likes, we can accommodate your groups personal tastes.
  • Have a small group? Check out the Group Rates and bring your group skating during a regularly scheduled session.

Call 916-961-3339 for more information.

Bigger & Better Parties with these tips!

  • Appoint a roller skating chairperson and a committee to help program your skating parties. The more people you can involve in the planning the better your parties will be. More parent participation will strengthen your party as well.

  • Plan your parties around a holiday or school sporting event or your own special theme.
  • Work towards a goal. It could be something for the playground, classroom or office. Talk to your principal. People are more likely to participate if they know their money is going towards a specific goal.
  • Sell pre-sale tickets. They increase attendance at your party. Sell them one to two weeks in advance. Pre-sale tickets enable your guests to get into the facility quicker.

  • For fund-raisers, you may choose to charge everyone admission who attends including those who are not going to skate whatever you choose, make sure that you let everyone know.

  • Take advantage of the FREE fliers that we provide to advertise your roller skating party. You might want to ask your school art classes to provide the design for the flier. We welcome your input. Be sure that you include your goal on the fliers. Tell parents to watch for the fliers sent home. Make sure that the fliers are passed out on a timely basis at least one week in advance.

  • We also provide classroom fliers. Classroom fliers are on 8.5 x 11, and the fliers should be displayed in the classrooms, office, library, cafeteria etc. They should be posted at least two weeks in advance.

  • Increase attendance by having a special guest appearance from “Roller Roo”. Please let us know 2 or 3 days before your party.

  • Encourage classes to make posters to be displayed at your school, these posters can be brought to the rink the day of the party and displayed and prizes will be awarded for the winning posters.

  • Advertise your party in the school bulletin. Ask your principal to make announcements three or four times the day before and the day of your party.

  • Personally invite the principal and the teachers (perhaps by a written invitation) to the skating party. Children love having them attend, some of them may even skate.


Important Information

We do not allow pre-sale tickets to be sold on the premises on the day of the party; it creates confusion at the ticket window and slows up the line to get into skate.

We do allow guests to bring in their own skates. We will inspect them at the ticket window. All quad skates must have a front toe stop in good condition. In-line skates must have one backstop in good condition. We check nuts and the bolts on in-line skates to make sure that they are not protruding out too far to cause any damage to our floor.

Deposits and fund raising monies, if applicable will be issued within 15 working days.

The success of your party will fulfill your primary goal and ours as well providing a clean, safe, fun, drug free activity.

We will be happy to assist you in any way that we can, please do not hesitate to call on us.



Back by Popular demand!! 50 /50 parties
This is the deal! Book a minimum of 3 parties during the year at $8.00 per person and get 50% back to your group! Minimum required is 150 skaters!
(200 skaters each party would make $800 each party with a total of $2400 back total!)


Email for more information!