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Fall sessions 2023



Fall Schedule


Kids Love to Skate


Music to Roll with

New Music at Sunrise Rollerland every week



Session Skaters

We have skating sessions for everyone. The sessions include kids sessions, adult sessions, retro skate nights and regular sessions with the latest music.

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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Roller Skating Birthday parties are extremely popular and we have parties with a cake, drinks, and skating.

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Learn to Skate

Learning to skate? We have group lessons and can teach anyone how to skate. We also have private lessons.

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Pizza everyone loves pizza
Rolling on the floor with friends


Special effect lights

Roller Skates


glow sticks
Getting a lesson


Halloween costume Contest

Fun Sessions throughout the year

Sunrise Rollerland caters to families and has fun events throughout the  year. Look for special holiday sessions, skating events, adult sessions, and more.


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The Regional Championships at Sunrise Rollerland had competitors from California, Nevada, and Arizona competing for a week to see who would go to the National Championships.

Artistic skating competition and Regional Meet

2 Raw Adult Late Night Skate

Adult Skates

We have adult skating at Sunrise Rollerland. Weekly we have a Tuesday and Thursday adult session from 10am to Noon.

We also have late night adult skating hosted by 2Raw (2 Rhythm and Wheels) once a month. Please check the schedule.

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Adult Skaters


Sunrise Rollerland is Rollerskating in the Sacramento area

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Located near Sunrise Mall

Sunrise Rollerland is rollerskating in the Sacramento area. Exiting form 50 head north on Sunrise Blvd and exiting 80 head East on Madison ave. Of course your smart phones map can guide you here.




Sunrise Rollerland
6001 Sunrise Vista Drive Citrus Heights, CA 95610